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The largest single law firm---Beijing Jingsh Law Firm, has 1666 employees , 2,200 practicing lawyers, 45 domestically established and under construction branches and 193 alliances law firm and 108 overseas offices. JINGSH international legal service system has been engaged in intellectual property legal services for more than 20 years. The team members provide efficient and professional services for more than 50,000 well-known domestic and foreign companies.


Typical Cases


Filing PCT patent into China phase for the invention of hydroelectric equipment.

Filing patent infringement litigation before Beijing High Court for the invention of food production equipment.



"Invention": any new technical solution relating to a product, a process or improvement thereof. Invention is one of the three types of patents protected by patent law, which has the most stable legal status and the highest technical value.


 "Utility Model": any new technical solution relating to the shape, the structure, or their combination, of a product, which is fit for practical use. It also called small invention or small patent. The technical solution is lower than that for an invention at the technical level. Utility model is one of the three types of patent protected by the patent law.


 "Design": any new design of the shape, the pattern, or their combination, or the combination of the color with shape or pattern, of a product, which creates an aesthetic feeling and is fit for industrial application. The patent of Design is the subject matter under protection of the patent right, which is completely different from the Invention or Utility Model.


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