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The largest single law firm---Beijing Jingsh Law Firm, has 1666 employees , 2,200 practicing lawyers, 45 domestically established and under construction branches and 193 alliances law firm and 108 overseas offices. JINGSH international legal service system has been engaged in intellectual property legal services for more than 20 years. The team members provide efficient and professional services for more than 50,000 well-known domestic and foreign companies.



Filing serials art work copyright recordal for the client, a famous food brand, ZHONGHE.


Filing serials video work copyright recordal for the online education company. 


Filing complaint to the online Intellectual Property Protection System based on copyright for the client, the famous Korean brand, LG Household & Health Care.


Drafting the software code and filing the software copyright before the Office.



Recordal of the copyright of art works

Recordal for copyright contract

Pledge recordal of copyright

Change or reissuance of the certificate

Search of the recorded copyright

The copyright owner files for recordal of the software to the Copyright Protection Center of China, to acquire the preliminary proof of prior rights. We provide the following services:  


Recordal of software copyright

Assignment of software copyright or recordal of exclusive license contract

Change of or addition to the recorded items

Reissuance or replacement of certificate

Pledge recordal of software copyright

Search of the recorded copyright

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