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2018-08-30 19:19:14,GENERAL NEWS Top Concern| Jingsh Law Firm and JINGSHIQIFU Established Partnership with STLO A


Mr. Somphob Kongwan, founder of STLO Asia Ltd., Ms. Sasee Uthai, head of IP Department and Mr. Thanapol Thammapratip, head of Patent Department visited Beijing Jingsh Law Firm on August 29, 2018. They discussed cooperation matters in related fields with representatives from Jingsh Law Firm and JINGSHIQIFU. Lawyer Wang Minggang from Jingsh Law firm, manager Wan Jiaxing, trademark attorney Yi Shuang from International IP Department and manager of Patent Department Yin Xiaoqiang from JINGSHIQIFU attended this meeting. 


Photo: Somphob Kongwan, founder of STLO Asia Ltd.


Photo: Ms. Sasee Uthai, head of Intellectual Property Department


Photo: Mr. Thanapol Thammapratip, head of Patent Department


Photo: Lawyer Wang Minggang from Jingsh Law firm


Photo: manager of international IP Department, Wan Jiaxing from JINGSHIQIFU


Photo: trademark attorney Yi Shuang, from JINGSHIQIFU


Photo: manager of Patent Department Yin Xiaoqiang, from JINGSHIQIFU

Before the meeting, Wan accompanied Mr. Somphob Kongwan and his colleagues to visit Jingsh Lawyers Building. Mr. Somphob Kongwan praised the achievements made by Jingsh Law Firm and JINGSHIQIFU.


After watched the promotional video of Jingsh Law Firm, the two sides discussed the cooperation in many fields. Mr. Somphob Kongwan introduced the practice areas, global distribution, professional of intellectual property, team management and vision of STLO Asia Ltd.


STLO Asia Ltd. is an independent Thai law firm, founded in 1993. It is located in the heart of Bangkok's Silom business district. STLO Asia Ltd. has been working on providing professional and comprehensive intellectual property legal services to major enterprises and organizations in China and around the world. STLO Asia Ltd. won various domestic and international awards. STLO has a wide range of business, and its core purpose is to help overseas clients to handle IP related legal business in Southeast Asia. Besides, it also offers other services such as real estate consulting and entrepreneurial legal consulting in Thailand. Now, STLO has established a long-lasting and close relationship with partners in almost all ASEAN countries, covering Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Brunei, etc.


The cooperation between the parties will further optimize resource allocation, expand service coverage and improve efficiency. At the same time, this partnership can also further enhance the international competitiveness of both sides and improve the professionalism of legal services. The two sides can also expand the business market through sharing ideas and exchange of advanced concepts to achieve win-win cooperation.

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