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2018-08-08 17:12:44,GENERAL NEWS Taking Further Step on to the International Stage——the second Allied Law Fir

Recently, FABARA & COMPAÑÍA ABOGADOS C.L., located in Ecuador, has officially joined the international alliance of JINGSH.

FABARA & COMPAÑÍA ABOGADOS C.L., headquartered in Quito, is founded in 2003. FABARA & COMPAÑÍA ABOGADOS C.L. has 39 lawyers. FABARA & COMPAÑÍA ABOGADOS C.L., one of the top law firms in Ecuador, upholds the service tenet of professionalization, inclusivity, personalization and provides legal advice for investors and companies in various fields. It’s business covers throughout Ecuador.   


FABARA & COMPAÑÍA ABOGADOS C.L. sticks to the business idea of responding quickly to customer needs, building customer trust, and protecting customer's interests all the time. The practice areas of the law firm include environmental protection, public relations, immigration, business cooperation, finance, defense, real estate, labor relations, supervision, litigation, taxation, intellectual property, etc.

The International Legal Affairs of JINGSH QIFU has professional trademark team, tax experts, patent attorneys, consultants, economists, accountant and lawyer team. The platform is geared to the Internet, conducting related transactions based on customer requirements and standards.  The International Intellectual Property Department of JINGSH QIFU has very professional talents in every field and close cooperation with more than 100 law firms all over the world existed in the international legal service system of JINGSH Law Firm. Under the premise of abiding by the laws of other countries and China, it can provide business service, intellectual property service, litigation and non-litigation services for overseas and Chinese enterprises, such as bookkeeping service, opening bank account, etc. It can provide a full range of legal services with an international perspective.

The International Legal Affairs of JINFSH QIFU provides a lot of services, such as:

1)integrating professional resources from national governments, international organizations, business associations and investment promotion agencies; 

2)promoting the establishment of overseas investment project library, pool of money and information base;

3)Special funds and financing support, legal services, top government docking abroad, international marketing and branding, directional push project information, drawing up a plan for overseas investment and study, escort service, etc.

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