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2018-07-19 15:05:12,GENERAL NEWS Taking Further Step on to the International Stage——the Allied Law Firm in Ba

Recently, the seventy-seventh overseas allied law firm of JINGSH QIFU was formally established. Doulah&Doulah Law Firm in Bangladesh officially join the international JINGSH Alliance.

The lawyer of the International Legal Affairs of JINFSH QIFU was invited to visit the Bangladesh Embassy. With invaluable support from Md.Mahfuzul Alam Khan, the commercial counselor of the Bangladesh Embassy in China, the establishment of a JINGSH alliance office in Bangladesh is officially underway. The commercial counselor of Bangladesh Embassy in China, Md. Mahfuzul Alam Khan gave high praise and expects much success from the JINGSH alliance office in Bangladesh, arguing that the move will strengthen cooperation and exchanges between the two peoples, provide legal protection for trade, study abroad and immigration, and provide more professional and reliable legal services to Bangladesh’s citizens in China and overseas Chinese in Bangladesh. With the support of relevant authorities in Bangladesh, Doulah&Doulah Law Firm in Bangladesh signed a document this year to join the international alliance of JINGSH, marking the official establishment of the 77th overseas allied law firm.


Doulah&Doulah, founded in 1965, is one of Bangladesh's oldest law firms. It is headquartered in Dacca, the capital of Bangladesh, with branches in Chittagong. Doulah&Doulah has 12 partners and 27 lawyers. Its main practice areas include maritime, shipping, arbitration, aviation, banking and financing, capital market, commerce and anti-monopoly, corporate and M&A, employment and Labour Law, energy and electricity, infrastructure construction, intellectual property, litigation, taxation, telecommunication, etc. Doulah&Doulah, one of Bangladesh's most experienced law firms, was authorized to be an attorney by many international business moguls or provided legal consulting services for them, including banking and financing, dispute resolution, investing and M&A, infrastructure construction, intellectual property, energy and electricity, taxation, labour law, etc.

Doulah&Doulah Law Firm’s clients are mostly multinational companies, such as JPMorgan Chase & Co, Deutsche Bank, IFC, ADB, Inter-American Development Bank, AKA Bank, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, ICBC, China Development Bank, the Export-Import Bank of China, industrial cooperation fund of Finland, overseas private investment company in the US, Gulf Air, Microsoft Corporation, Nokia, China International Telecommunication Construction Corporation, Maksim, China Railway Group Limited, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., GSK, Mitsubishi Group, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Citibank,                 CLSA, CreditSuisse, ABN-AMRO BANK, Sinohydro Group Ltd., Sony Corporation, Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited, China Design Group Co., Ltd., ISOLUX Group, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, WalMart Inc., General Motors Corporation, HP, GAP, etc.

The International Legal Affairs of JINGSH QIFU has a professional trademark team, tax experts, patent attorneys, consultants, economists, accountant and a lawyer team. The platform is geared toward the Internet, conducting related transactions based on customer requirements and standards.  The team has very professional talents, with the support of more than 100 allied law firms all over the world, providing professional legal services globally. Under the premise of abiding by the laws of other countries and China, it can provide business service, intellectual property service, litigation and non-litigation services for overseas and Chinese enterprises, such as bookkeeping service, opening bank account, etc. It can provide a full range of legal services with an international perspective. 

The International Legal Affairs of JINFSH QIFU provides a lot of services, such as:

1)integrating professional resources from national governments, international organizations, business associations and investment promotion agencies; 

2)promoting the establishment of overseas investment project library, pool of money and information base;

3)Special funds and financing support, legal services, top government docking abroad, international marketing and branding, directional push project information, drawing up a plan for overseas investment and study, escort service, etc.

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