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  San Diego – Nike Golf may be on the verge of creating a new golf ball that could revolutionize how golfers at all levels play and practice.

  Thanks to ever increasing technological advances, golfers are now better able to track and get immediate feedback about their game. Over the past few years, a number of companies have offered different mechanisms to improve one’s golf game. Arccos Golf built a tracking device that connects sensors on your clubs and body to Bluetooth and allows you to track your shots from your phone immediately after you swing the club. Other devices require the placement of sensors near the ball before it is hit. From tracking your swing in real time to ball monitoring by GPS, golfing is going high-tech.

  The continued advancement of golf technology has definitely allowed golfers to learn more about their game while practicing on a golf range, however this technology has been less effective while actually playing a round of golf due to the obstacles resulting from required set-up and placement of the tracking devices. While some can be placed on the golf equipment, others have to be set up behind the player, leading to slower play and other inconveniences.

  In an attempt to take golfing technology to the next level, Nike Golf has submitted a patent application which involves tracking technology placed inside the actual ball. This would allow a player to fully analyze a round of golf without any setup or inconvenience. Tracking the ball itself will allow players to not only track the mid-air travel and GPS, but the ball can also produce data about a golfer’s swing and technique. The ball can also produce data about playing conditions and even choice of club. All data is immediately available by cell phone.

  Most of the technology used in Nike’s new proposed ball did not even exist as recently as five years ago. This is great news for novices hoping to advance their game. You golf coach can analyze your game and give advice without ever seeing you swing. It is also certain that the latest advancements will continue to be incorporated by professional golfers with potentially millions of dollars to gain.

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