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  Los Angeles – Lenovo has filed a U.S. patent for a head-mounted wearable, which could potentially compete against the much-talked-about Google Glass. The patent is for wearable eyewear that has touch-based navigation, light-pump video-on-demand displays on dual screens, as well as a video and audio recorder. The displays are meant to give users “an augmented reality display” on the screen featured in their glasses.

  In addition to these features, Lenovo’s glasses also have conduction microphones in the earpieces, which would make wireless communication possible. The way these microphones are set up also makes it possible to pick up the user’s voice in a system that works very much like noise canceling microphones.

  But rather than use noise-canceling microphones, like Google, the Chinese tech giant would use a bone-conducting microphone positioned just above the wearer’s nose bridge. This approach will make it easier for the device to catch your voice. This also means extra privacy for Internet calls because you can speak in a low volume and still be heard on the other side.

  Patenting something does not necessarily mean that it will be sold in stores any time soon. Lenovo’s patent cautiously describes this device as a “recording device” rather than a wearable. Lenovo is a lesser-known brand in the United States where only its ThinkPad products, which were purchased from IBM, have received some attention. The company’s anticipated entry into the wearables market may signal interest in making a big jump into this particular industry.

  It may also mean that additional competition is very likely in the wearable market in the not so distant future. It is not certain that Lenovo will get its requested patent. Like many other companies that are working on similar products, the company may simply be getting ready just in case wearables take off in a big way. With more competition, wearable technology is likely to get more mainstream and also more affordable.

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